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GEW 2018

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an annual, international event held every November in over 170 countries and is the largest campaign of its type. Its aim is to inspire and guide the next few generations of entrepreneurs and in Hull, we have the good fortune to have the driven and enthusiastic Charles Cracknell and Mike Notorantonio […]

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PrimaryTec reaches Ten Years!

December 1st 2018 marked PrimaryTec’s tenth birthday and was celebrated in-house with a lunchtime staff party. Mike Corlyon, PrimaryTec’s sole remaining founder member, made a speech to thank the staff (both past and present) for all their hard work and commitment and enthused those present with his strong vision for the future of the company. […]

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minecraft enid blyton the magic faraway tree

Minecraft – The Enid Blyton Edition

Following on from the success of last year’s City of Culture Minecraft Project, PrimaryTec are again running a Minecraft project for schools. This project, aimed at Year 4 children, will take a full class of children to the imaginative world of Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree. After reading the book prior to starting the project, the class will receive […]

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GDPR – What you need to know

“GDPR is coming in May 2018” – Well not exactly, it is already here, but you MUST demonstrate compliance by 25th May 2018. What is GDPR? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the result of four years of work by the EU to bring data protection legislation into line with new, previously unforeseen ways that data is now used. Why do […]

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Collaboration – What does it mean to you?

With advancements in technology, collaboration in all areas is becoming commonplace. Devices with better connectivity allow all to communicate, work and share ideas together quickly and efficiently. No more do you have to remember the USB stick, or have to play rounds of email tennis to get things done together. You can compose documents, knowing it’s the latest version, see the changes […]

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GEW global entrepreneurship week hull 2018 get involved

GEW 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull is a week long programme, focusing on primary, secondary and post-16 events that encourages young people by fostering their entrepreneurial skills with initiatives and support from all areas of the business community. Last year, as Tech4Schools, we were pleased to support the sterling work done by Charles Cracknell & Mike Notarantonio and their team promoting youth enterprise. This year, PrimaryTec gladly continued to help […]

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clevertouch multi media screen

Clever, cleverer, cleverest…

Clevertouch release Lynx 5 for FREE, for a faster, smoother, simpler experience. Cleverlynx has been given a complete visual and practical overhaul, resulting in Lynx 5 – an easy to use software with a sleek user interface. Lynx 5 annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom. Using Lynx 5, teachers can create imaginative lessons […]

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typing teaching

Typing – @n imp0rt@nt ski11 4 the fu7ure :-)

One of the most important skills children need to be able to effectively produce work of a high standard, and a skill for the 21st Century work place, is typing. Typing on a keyboard, tying on a tablet or smart phone, it doesn’t matter where they type, but this is a skill that is not taught […]

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